Master Chef

Masterchef Logo

Master Chef Know the activity Inspired from the world famous TV series:This is a challenge where a team of 10 or more can playagainst multiple teams; the goal is to cook different cuisine in and withminimal cooking items. How to cook with minimal items however not compromising ontaste and food. This game helpsemployees work in […]

Mini Table Games

Minin games logo

Mini Table Games Know the activity MINI TABLE TENNIS FOOSBALL TABLE MINI GOLF PADDLE GOAL RING TOSS FOOT POOL MINI POOL/SNOOKER TABLEX & 0 BEER PONGPOP THE BALLOON PLINKO GIANT JENGA Game Indoor/Outdoor Activity Time 100-120 Mins Mini Table Games Mini Table Games Mini Table Games Mini Table Games Gallery Previous image Next image related […]

The Big Alphabet

Creativity of CRAFT word

The Big Alphabet Know the activity Each team will be given a kit bag full of different color woolen ropes, board pin of different colors with some nails and hammer. Teams have to finish their task of making the outline using the nails and pins and then using the woolen ropes to add color and […]

The Disk Tower

Wooden tower of honai puzzle

The Disk Tower Know the activity The disk tower is a mathematical puzzle game that includes three rods and some disks of various diameters to slide in rods. The puzzle begins where the disks are sacked on one rod of decreasing size, having the smallest on top. So, the end goal of this puzzle is […]

Real Life Board Games

Animated image of board gaming activity

Real Life Board Games Know the activity Real life board games are another fun way to involve your team. Ludo Snakes and ladder Monopoly Twister Game Indoor Activity Time 45-60 Mins Real Life Board Games Real Life Board Games Real Life Board Games Real Life Board Games Gallery Previous image Next image related programs Marshmallow […]

Corporate Fun Olympics

Olympic rings

Corporate Fun Olympics Know the activity Always wish you could compete in the Olympics ?You can now see dreams coming true as it boosts the team to compete against your fellow team members in your own corporate olympics activity. DISK THROWTUG OF WARHULLA GO ROUNDBALANCE BALLACID WALKTEAM SACK RACE Game Indoor Activity Time 15-45 Mins […]

Treasure Hunt

Tresure box

Treasure Hunt Know the activity Our scavenger hunt highlights strategy, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions. Weave in local and other customized corporate information, and you have all the makings of a fun and engaging event with a real purpose.At the end of the adventure, your whole group comes back laughing, ready to […]

Chariot Racing

People preparing properties for team building activities

Chariot Racing Know the activity During this exciting activity, the teams will go back to the tome of the kings and their emperors. They will be challenged to build a chariot from given resources and must compete in a human-powered race as a finale. Creativiyt Planning and Design Thinking out of the box Resource Management […]

The Ripple Effect

Colorful wooden blocks

The Ripple Effect Know the activity Inspired by Rube Goldberg, Actuator is one the most engaging team building activities that allows team to work on automation based project right from the scratch. Teams are highly challenged to follow chain reaction following the series of tasks to build a bigger one. Debrief Points Creativity Resource Management […]

Drum Cafe

Drum Cafe logo

Drum Cafe Know the activity Teams must put on their creative hats and design and build a sturdy bridge that can sustain 2 cars. The weight must be well distributed through all the pillars and columns to ensure stability and strength. This takes planning, testing, and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to make sure no […]